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DevOps Engineer



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5097- MC

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We have an opening for a DevOps Engineer (contract to hire so must be able to do perm after 3-6 mo). This is in Austin, TX. Please send your resume to

Job Summary:

We are a growing, talented, and diverse group of software engineers solving interesting and exciting challenges of software delivery and automation at scale. We are currently searching for a Sr. DevOps candidate who comes from a software engineering background and will be very comfortable working with a team of Sr. DevOps Engineers. We are looking for individuals who can implement build and test automation, as well as create services which support the software development lifecycle.

As a candidate, you should be a resourceful, self-starting individual with a well-rounded skillset; Someone who has the depth and breadth of technical knowledge to know the “right way” to develop automated processes and operate systems, while also possessing the fearlessness to propose radical new ideas. The right person for this job will pride themselves on taking ownership and responsibility for their role in the team. You should have the capacity to be given a task and own it. You should strive for continuous improvement. We often wear many hats and each of us must do whatever it takes to get the job done. You should be a very collaborative team member who is passionate about sharing the things you’ve learned as well as learning from others on the team to continuously improve each other’s skills. This candidate should have the communication skills to contribute to technical discussions, provide and evaluate the options, and collaborate with others to deliver the best results.

Ideal candidates for this role should possess skills in the following areas:

·Ability to read and understand Ant build scripts to convert existing Ant based build processes to Jenkins pipeline processes
·PHP and PHPUnit experience
·Experience defining infrastructure as code (i.e Terraform, Cloud Formation, Packer, Vagrant)
·Experience using or designing systems for log management, metrics, and alerting
·Experience defining configuration as code (i.e. Ansible, Chef, Puppet)
·Experience with Docker or Linux Container technologies (such as: Mesos, Kubernetes, Rancher, Docker Swarm, AWS ECS)
·Experience deploying and measuring websites or services
·Experience with SQL or NoSQL database technologies (i.e. MariaDB, Aurora, MySQL, MongoDB, DynamoDB, Redshift)
·Experience managing resources on cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform

Key Responsibilities:
·Design, implement, and maintain solutions that empower development teams to expertly deliver the best software and use infrastructure most efficiently
·Maintain, enhance, and ensure good health of all software delivery processes and systems
·Actively participate in high level team activities such as architecture or process improvements
·Communicate effectively and work well with cross functional teams across geographic regions and cultures
·Analyze data to learn how to continuously improve processes and systems
·Mentor other team members and share technology and solution demonstrations

Professional Experience/Qualifications:

·5+ years’ experience as a software engineer developing, building, testing and deploying software
·3+ years’ experience designing applications for cloud-based infrastructure
·3+ years’ experience using and implementing continuous software delivery pipelines (CI/CD)
·Must have object-oriented coding or scripting experience with languages such as PHP, Java, Groovy, or Python
·Experience with Agile and Lean Methodologies
·Experience developing and using web services and APIs
·Must have excellent communication skills and a desire to work in a team-based environment
·Must be able to speak and write in English
·Experience developing and maintaining services in a service-oriented architecture and event driven systems
·Must have experience running and configuring common LAMP stack services (i.e. Apache, NGINX, Redis, Elasticsearch, Varnish, MySQL)