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TDI Consultant



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5346 - DM

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Soal Technologies are seeking a consultant asap for 3 week Health Check in TDI to analyze the behavior of the TDI based application under load and will identify both healthy and problematic application behaviors.

Send resume to
Location: Austin, TX (on site at this location)

- Review selected performance oriented, non-functional requirements (NFRs). Note that these NFRs will be used to configure load testing if executed. Expected NFRs include
- Expected peak and average load (requests per second) including expected shape of load over a period of time
- Expected future load growth rates and expected future peak and average load
- Acceptable response time maximums under peak and average loads
- Maximum CPU utilization and CPU capacity contingency under expected peak load.

Assess and report on:
-- CPU provisioning via analysis of CPU utilization
-- Physical memory provisioning application behavior analysis
-- Other infrastructure areas as indicated by other analysis and TDI behavior --

-- TDI performance
-- TDI performance related behaviors via log and dump analysis

Performance Health Check Report with structured review comments and recommendations associated with the Performance Health Check