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Network Model Coordinator



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Hello there, we are seeking a Network Model Coordinator for our client located in Taylor, TX.

Please review the details below.
If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our Sr. Recruiter- Kari at 512-543-9566 and/or

Title: Network Model Coordinator
Duration: 6 months Contract
Rate: DOE or if you have an actual rate.
Location: Taylor, TX

Job Description

Processes ERCOT’s Network Operations Model Change Request (NOMCR), Collaborative Action Model Request (CAMR), Resource Asset Registration Form (RARF) and develop graphical representations of NOMCRs in the EMS and Transmission Network System map. Applies skills, knowledge and work experience to conduct the ERCOT’s NOMCR, CAMR, and RARF process in order to ensure an accurate and up-to-date Network Operations Model. Coordinates the NOMCRs, CAMRs, RARFs, models, cases, maps, and displays within the Network Model Group and other ERCOT departments. Coordinates day to day model and one-line creation schedule. Creates and maintains the EMS one line displays and the one line geographic maps that deal directly with the Transmission Network Systems. 

• Understands the basic principles, theories and concepts related to the profession and learns how to apply them within the ERCOT culture. 
• Follows standard practices and procedures in analyzing situations or data from which answers can be readily obtained. 
• Contributes to specific objectives and outcomes as directed. 

• Analyzes submitted NOMCR, CAMR, and RARF data 
• Coordinates NOMCR, CAMR, and RARF process flow internal and external to ERCOT 
• Updates Production and Future one-line diagrams as required by the Protocols and transfers the outputs from the one-line exporting (and other related exports for CRR, Macomber Map, Production Support, and other groups) for EMMS Production pickup 
• Facilitates Market Participant model data issues 
• Helps coordinates case creation schedules 
• Coordinates and works with the data stakeholders on data exchange and transmission network model maintenance via the NOMCR, CAMR, and RARF process 
• Works with generation resources external to ERCOT on initial generation interconnect studies and GenMaps for EPS metering purposes 
• Works closely with ERCOT System Operations, System Operations Support, Market Operating Services Support, Client Services, Metering and other ERCOT internal departments regarding models, onelines, maps and model data 
• Coordinates Generator Interconnection Requests (GINR) for ERCOT Resource Integration group working with Generation Resource 
• Creates GenMap packages and coordinating it with the Generation Resource 
• Demonstrates skills as a beginning user of drafting software applications 
• Utilizes data mining mechanisms 
• Resolves Market Participant model data issues 
• Creates and utilizes data mining mechanisms and makes update requests for improvements 
• Analyzes submitted NOMCR, CAMR, and RARF data and provides rapid and effective response to customer requests, both internal and external 
• Verifies that the Network Model is ready for use in the various operations applications whenever changes or updates to the model are made 
• Demonstrates skills as an intermediate user of drafting software applications 

• Requires minimum 2 years related work experience in excess of degree requirements 

• Associate's Degree : Business, Computer Science or related field (Required) 
• or a combination of education and experience that provides equivalent knowledge to a major in such fields is required